I live a paleo lifestyle.  I stick to lean meats, veggies and fruits and healthy fats.  I have the occasional treat but I try to limit that to once, maybe twice a week.  It takes some planning, but once I found a routine it wasn’t that hard to keep up with and stay on track.  Eating paleo allows me to have the energy to keep up with my busy schedule and still work hard at the gym.  Unfortunately, in the past few weeks, life happened.

We recently bought a house that is a major remodel project.  As we began to spend more and more time working there, we began to fall out of our routines of preparing food ahead of time.  We didn’t put the necessary forethought into our meals and found ourselves needing something quick and easy so we could get back to work quickly.  I began to let my food choices slide a little here and there.  A quick pizza on a busy night, maybe a burger from the Burger King down the street.  Pretty soon we had fallen off the paleo train and could barely see it on the horizon. 

 Since loosing our focus I have felt tired, sluggish and I have struggled through the workouts lately.  It can happen to anyone, but it is time for a change.  Diet affects so much of your life and daily function that I need to get back on track before things are too far gone. 

 How do you get back on the paleo train?  Just like how I started, one meal and one choice at a time.  Start with thinking about your next day’s food the night before.  Do you need to hard boil some eggs?  Maybe quickly grill up some chicken.  Don’t let yourself get to a meal without a plan.  Throw some food into the crockpot in the morning and have a few meals worth of meat and veggies for the week ahead.  If you are truly desperate and need to eat out, go for a salad or ‘bowl’ version of a clean burrito.  Whether starting on a paleo plan or trying to get back on track, it is important to stay as strict as possible.  It is easy to add in 1 to 2 cheats per week later, when things are solid.  Allowing them early on, however, causes problems.  It is too easy to let one cheat turn into 2, then a slide back to the old ways.  Finally, when you make a bad choice, try to forget about it quickly.  Don’t get discouraged and consider the whole day a loss, refocus on the next meal and move on with better choices.


We are a long way from being done with our remodel, but we cannot let some short term business affect our long term health.  Also, I know that eating right will help me to keep up with the demands of a remodel while still trying to keep up at the gym.  If you haven’t started eating paleo yet, you really need to.  If, like me, you slid back into a less healthy diet then make the choice to get back on track.  Plan your meals, make smart choices and try to get some support from other paleo eaters.