CrossFit Fury had an exciting three days here in Colorado!  Day 1 kicked off with Team Fury taking on the Row, HSPU, Row WOD.  Fury was the first team to the HSPUs and to get back on the row.  They finished the WOD tied for second place with a time of 24:06, one of the top 10 times in the world!

Next up was Peter in the Run, HSPUs, Row WOD.  He placed 15th with a time of 9:58…despite a high placing, he did get a personal best on this WOD as HSPUs are not one of Peter’s strengths.

The second event of the day was the Team thurster ladder and Aimee was up first.  Going in, Aimee knew she could get 140 lbs but was hoping for 145 lbs. She nailed both and got a personal record of 150 lbs!  Will hit his mark at 245 lbs for a team total of 395 lbs and a third place finish.

Peter’s thruster ladder went as expected as he got 245 lbs, placing him eighth among the men.  Fury finished the first day tied for first and Peter 13th in the Men’s bracket.

Day 2 proved even more exciting as the Team knew they had tough competition trying to creep into the top three spots and Peter knowing he had to place in the top five in both the workouts in order to make it to the final day.  Will and Katie Jo started the day off with the heavy 185/255 pound deadlift and 24/30″ box jump WOD. Katie Jo had an amazing performance as she finished the last set of deadlifts and box jumps unbroken!  Fury  finished with a combined time of 8:55 and 4th place.

Peter hit another personal record finishing his 315 lbs deadlift and 30 inch box jump in 4 minutes flat and placing 5th among the men.

But the day only got more interesting as the team started the 250 workout (250 of pull ups, kettle bell swings, double unders and overhead squats) with a thunderstorm looming not too far away and eventually halted the action only minutes into the pull ups.  After a 30 minute delay, Fury was back on the pull up bar with a fresh start.  They came out hard on the pull ups but the tough kettle bell standard cost them one to many reps and slowed them down.  They muscled through and finished 6th with a time of 28:22, good enough to hold on to second place heading into the final day.

Then it was Peter’s turn.  As we all know, when Peter’s back is against the wall and he puts his mind to something, great things happen and did they ever.  Peter went into his 100s WOD (100 of pull ups, kettle bells swings, double unders and overhead squats) knowing where his strengths were and where to take his rest.  He had a steady pace through the pull ups and kettle bells, hanging out in third place but then he kicked it into high gear and knocked out 100 unbroken double unders and was second to the overhead squats.  He got out a couple of sets of 15 to take the lead and it became a squat race to the finish between Peter and another Games Veteran, Tommy Hackenbruck.  Peter edged out Tommy to take first with a time of 18:09.  Peter was one of only 11 guys to even finish this workout as the altitude really turned out to be a factor as many guys were cramping up and failing badly as they started their overhead squats.

Day three turned out to be bittersweet as Peter finished fifth over all but Team Fury clinched a spot at the Games.  Heading into the last day, Peter knew he had tough ground to make up but the strict muscle up standard, cost him a few reps and a workout he normally crushes took 7:08.

The last workout was a chipper that he put his heart out on the line and despite getting a personal best with a time of 10:53, it wasn’t good enough to capture third place.

Team Fury knew they had to have two strong workouts to hold onto one of the top three spots.  TJ and Britney were up first with the muscle up, snatch workout and they killed it!  They finished in 11:37, just two seconds behind Team Front Range who captured the world record in the workout.  The final workout proved to be Fury’s toughest WOD as they finished seventh out of the 10 teams but their consistency throughout the weekend kept them in contention and they finished third overall!

We can’t thank everyone enough for all their support, text and Facebook messages throughout the weekend but a huge shout out to Big Pete (Peter’s dad), Brandi, Jen, Julie, Stephanie, Lee, Carren, Zoli, Brian, Jessica and Brady for making the trip to Denver and being in the stands to route us all on.

We will get all the photos and start uploading the videos from the weekend on Tuesday. See you in the gym as we now prepare for the Games in the end of July! We will also get ticket and travel info for anyone interested in heading to LA to watch us compete.