After the amazing performances of our Affiliate Team at Regionals we are now getting prepared for the Games in Carson, California at the end of July. Due to prior commitments and family obligations there will be some restructuring of the team and this can only be done through a series of workouts. The following seven scored events will be performed Friday during class times and on Saturday starting at the track at 7:30am and ending at the Litchfield park pool at 2pm.
This is Fury’s best attempt to find our best and most prepared athletes to represent us against the 44 fittest gyms in the world!


WOD 1: 6 min AMRAP of 10 Ground to Overhead 95/65 and 10 Bar Facing Burpees.

WOD 2: For Time: Run 400m, 7 Snatches 155/115 (power or full), Row 500m, 9 Hang Squat Cleans, Run 400m, 12 Overhead Squats, Row 500m, 15 Push Presses.


WOD 3: With a continuously running clock run 400m for time, at five minutes after start run 800m for time and at 10 minutes after start run 1600m for time. Points will be summed from each event for a final score.

WOD 4: CrossFit Total

WOD 5: For Time 10-15-20 Kettle Bell Snatch 53/35 and Pistol. Reps are per arm/leg.

WOD 6: Immediately following previous WOD 3 min AMRAP of 1 Muscle Up and 1 Ring Hand Stand Pushup.

WOD 7: 3 Round for time: Swim 25m and 25 Pushups.

If you are interested in trying out for the team you must be able to be in Carson, California from Wednesday the 27th through Sunday the 31st. Additionally, if this weekends schedule does not work for you please speak with us on Monday in the gym to discuss makeups, but please try to make this!