So much of the results we experience through CrossFit is due to support and encouragement from being on a team. Whether you are in a Paleo Challenge sharing recipes and tips, or getting encouragement from one another in the workouts having a buddy really helps! Below are the finalists from The Spring Paleo Challenge listed in order are Ryann R. Amanda, Ryan V. and Tami. Keep up the great work guys and gals, this is just the beginning!

While there are only four people pictured here I would like to commend everyone who made it through the Challenge and have changed their thinking and ideas regarding nutrition and food. Interestingly we have seen tremendous growth from this group as CrossFitters! There were many first pull-ups, weightlifting, and even double under sets! In general you have taken it up a few notches in your workouts and the whole approach to the gym, so a big thank you from us! Voting will be open in the office till the close on Wednesday.

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend and we look forward to the next two weeks as we approach Regionals in Denver. Peace.