The second edition of Parent’s night out was another huge success.  20 kids spent the night running, jumping, swinging, racing, eating, crafting and having fitness fun.  We ran them through a huge obstacle course first to get everyone warmed up.  After 30 minutes of that we moved on to other games and races.  The kids used scooter boards and medicine balls as they competed and worked on teamwork skills.

Dinner included barbeque chicken, sweet potato fries, apple slices, baby carrots, almonds and baby tomatoes.  All of the kids ate well and loved the paleo menu. 

We played a game after dinner that tested their fitness, teamwork and creativity.  Each team had to build the tallest lego tower possible.  They could only get legos 3 at a time when one team member ran to the ‘lego line’ and did 3 burpees.  At the end they got an extra 2 minutes to finish the tower and compare to size to determine the winner.

Add in some time spent with crafts and board games and the kids stayed busy the whole evening.  If you want to see pictures from our night (at least the times when we could grab the camera) check out this album.  Hopefully the parents had fun, but we know the kids had a blast.