On June 10th – 13th CrossFit Fury will be competing in possibly the toughest competition we have ever experienced and we attempting to earn one of three Affiliate Team spots to the CrossFit Games. In Denver Colorado you will be represented by these six athletes while they fight for every last rep, pound, and second for us!

An official Affiliate Team is comprised of three men and three women and most of the workouts are only two men and two women. This format allows for interchanging athletes based on strengths and weaknesses and our job is to choose the individuals who we think will do the best, at workouts and formats that are completely unknown… With this in mind and the unknown ahead let us  recognize Britney, Aimee, Katie Jo, Will, TJ, and Gareth for what they are taking on.

If it takes skills, ability and technique  Britney and TJ will show us how its done. Both competed on the Affiliate Team in 2009 at the Games and in 2010 at the Southwest Regional Qualifiers. In addition to this experience, they have won multiple local competitions, and have been CrossFitting since the start of this all. These two have the skills and experience to finish wods that most would DNF.

If we need to get some work done Aimee and Will answer the call. They are new to The CrossFit Games but not to competitions and kicking ass. These two have trained like no other this past year, and it shows. They both hold many of the gym PR’s they have placed high in all local competitions they attend. These two have the strength and ability to finish any wod before most everyone else…

Finally if we need to get somewhere and get there fast, we are fortunate to have Gareth and Katie on the team. Both of whom are new to the gym and CrossFit overall but they have quickly let it be known they are serious about being the best they can be and they have the performances to show.

We are in a difficult region but so is everyone else, luckily we are a very strong gym. I am confident in our teams ability to handle the widest variety of workouts possible, and perform at the top across it all. Good luck to our team members and lets show them our support over the next few weeks of training.

Finally I cannot forget and probably should have started the post with the thank you to everyone who has helped us through our training in the weeks, months and years leading up to this. Any time you push hard, lift more, or jump higher you keep us motivated by challenging and quite often beating us. Please continue being the way you are so that all of us will be better and we will have an even better year ahead of us.