Our good friends at Goodyear In ACTION are working harder then ever promoting healthy lifestyles in our city. Next weekend we are teaming up by hosting a traveling series “Follow The Action” where they explore active activities in Goodyear that both kids and parents can enjoy, and personally I cant think of an activity more active then ours for all ages…

We hosted this last year and I remember being amazed last year at the challenging workouts all the kids completed and had fun doing it-this year we are going to get the parents involved too. If you are available, definitely get the family out to this! It all starts at 10am and is free to everyone. CrossFitters we will wrap things up early on Saturday. Get in for a track workout at 7:30 and something quick at 9am… Our Free Intro at 9am is still on and so is Masters at 11am. See you there!

Remember Paleo Challenge voting closes Wednesday night… get your voice heard! And absolutely no Ryan jokes….