Flip 4 Zane will kick off tomorrow morning at 9:45 am on Channel 3’s Good Morning show with Scott Pasmore as some of our members demonstrate what we will be doing on Saturday.  We will have three teams flipping tires so if you are free tomorrow morning, meet us at the gym at 8:30 am (bring the kids) and we will caravan down to the station or make sure to set your TIVO-you don’t want to miss us on TV!  The 8am Basics will be held but there will not be a 8am CrossFit Class.  The 1030 CrossFit class will go on as scheduled but don’t leave if we are a few minutes late getting back.

The Flip 4 Zane t-shirts are in and look awesome.  Special thanks to Hilgers Orthodontics and Hilgers Pediatric Dentistry and Absolute Screen Printing in Buckeye for sponsoring our shirts and getting them done in 3 days!!!   We have a limited quantity-Male Large and X-large, Female Small and Large and Kids Medium and Large. Adults shirts are $20 each and kids are $10 each so get them while they last….”no save me a shirt” or “charge my account” requests-please be in the gym and buy it then.

Friday afternoon we will continue the fun with our Tire Decorating Party from 4-7pm.  Classes will all go on as scheduled but we will have the tires outside and ready to be decorated.  Team captains are responsible for organizing when and how you decorate your tire.  Team Burn Rubber was in the gym today measuring the tires-just saying some are taking this to the next level!

After the Tire Decorating, we are heading over to Ground Control for dinner and drinks as Will Trujillo (Captain of Team Wilfred) and Dianna Whittington are donating their tips and 10% of sales will go to Flip 4 Zane.  If you can’t make the after party, stop by at anytime tomorrow and make sure to mention Zane and they will donate some of the sales to our cause.  Don’t forget Dianna has made a Paleo menu at Ground Control so you have no excuse not to stop by at some point.

Now for Saturday….the fun begins!  As always, we will kick off the day at the track starting at 7:30 am, then to the gym for our free Saturday Basics class at 9am followed by CrossFit lifting at 9:30am and the scaled WOD starting at 10am.  At 11am, we will start the last of the sectional workouts-oh how we will miss Sectional Saturdays!!!!  Promptly at 1pm we will pack up and head to the park at Thomas and 144th Ave and we would like to start flipping by 1:15-1:30 at the latest!!!  The first team to cross the finish line will get first dibs on food and the team with the least points (points will be assessed for money raised, tire decorating and race finish and we will use the same point system as CrossFit does in the games) will win the title and the Team Captain will win 4 tickets to a Diamondbacks game courtesy of Jen Nelson and her family.

The real party starts at Goodyear Community Park at about 2pm where we will sit back, relax, enjoy our friends and  revel in how awesome we are for all our hard work in competition-both Sectionals and Flip 4 Zane. We are still in need of food donations and volunteer help.  Please sign up at the gym to bring something, anything to contribute to the potluck!  Be creative, show off your new Paleo cooking or just go to the store and buy something-we all know we are a hungry bunch and Hugh Hill will tell you it sucks not to get any food!  Also, if you aren’t flipping I could use some help at the park setting up so sign up for that too.  Don’t forget to bring swimsuits for the kids, sunscreen, towels, a few blankets and lawn chairs for the party.  The Splash pad will be open, the sun will be out and the seating will be limited.  Let the party begin! Flip 4 Zane!