As we are beginning to find out there are no shortcuts, secretes or magic pills to getting fit and healthy. With that in mind, once a regular exercise routine is established along with a diet void of refined carbohydrates and plentiful with seasonal fruits and vegetables there are a few ways help kick things up a notch.

I know we are all concerned with over exposure to the sun and its potential risks, however we have been living with the sun for quite some time now and there some benefits to catching some rays from time to time… Vitamin D plays many important roles in our bodies including the formation, reconstruction and overal mineralization of our skeletal system, fat metabolism and so much more!

Luckily our bodies are able to produce Vit-D naturally through exposure to UV-B radiation ie sunlight. Unfortunately many of us tend to spend our days and weeks mostly indoors with very little sunlight exposure. With this in mind, and assuming our exercise routine and nutrition is mostly dialed in, lets examine whether or not we are getting sufficient Vit-D in our lives. When in doubt, go for a walk, bike ride or swim!