After another amazing Saturday with our athletes competing in the CrossFit Games 11.2 wod it was time for another shopping trip with our Spring Paleo Challengers. We started at the Wigwam where Duncan Family farms provides fresh organic seasonal vegetables which are locally grown. Afterwards we headed over to Sprouts for  the rest of our weekly supplies and some general shopping tips, because not being prepared is the first step towards failure…

Living a paleo lifestyles is difficult but totally doable, kinda like thrusters. It will definitely take some work in the beginning but once you have the basics down there is no looking back. If you did not  make it into this challenge do not fret, read our nutrition page top to bottom, check out the recipe links provided and ask us any questions you have during class.

As for our current challengers, lets stay focused and committed. All we want are great results and absolutely no MTV reality show drama… 🙂 PEACE