First off let it be know this is not political website or anything of that nature. Secondly for those of you who know me well enough know that voting is a touchy subject but similarly I am a firm believer that every vote does count! With that said lets get on with the point of this post, recently we have remodeled and expanded our gym because honestly we just could not fit another gasping, sweating, fat loosing, muscle gaining member into our previous space. The way we went about our expansion(me and couple members…) may of not been the most appropriate (or legal) but hey hind site is always 20/20 and we needed some more room like nobodies business!

Anyways since the expansion I(ok…Aimee) has been having her ass handed to her with permits, plans, codes, fees and the like. So here we are knee deep in papers and a friend of a friend, Bill Antonucci heard of our issues introduced himself and took it upon himself to look after us and in a since fight for us. For those of you who use the new shower and enjoy the expanded space, he in a sense is fighting also for you. My purpose of this post is the share these info with you, and let it be know that Bill is in a run off for a City Counsel seat that ends May 17th. If you would like some more info on Bill here is his website.