First let it be stated that this post is due to a recommendation from my father at the conclusion of Sectionals 11.2 WOD and any comments should be directed at his ability to see your benefit from my experiences.

Its interesting where your desire comes from. It seems when times are good we can let things become pretty lax… give me a couple PR’s and overall good finishes and you will find me searching for some R & R thinking I need to celebrate. However find me after a poor finish and I am strategizing my weaknesses, critiquing every meal and training like its my last chance.

It is important whether you are trying to get your first pullup, muscleup, or top Games finish to never become complacent or feel you have done “good enough.” We must find what fuels our desire and keep it with us at all times. For me I train hardest when I am beaten and down and I must hold that feeling with me at every moment so that I may give my all on every effort. Fear the feeling that you could have done better, gone faster or gotten another rep and crave the feeling that you gave every ounce of your being. Be proud of your accomplishments but always keep your desire.

Here comes 11.3