Inside the Crossfit world we are constantly being challenged to try things that make us uncomfortable.  For the newbie it means climbing a rope or jumping on a 24-inch box.  For the more experienced athlete this means learning to push harder than you thought possible.  Regardless of which stage you are at, Crossfit asks you to achieve the impossible.

Before you can achieve the impossible, however, you have to try the impossible.  You have to be willing to step up to a task or weight that you have never completed before and conquer your fears.  If you can get past your fears and anxiety you can accomplish just about anything.

Don’t be fooled, though.  Just because you step up to the impossible doesn’t mean you will conquer it… this time.  Sometimes stepping up to the unknown and unthinkable means opening yourself up to failure.  Maybe that weight is just too much.  Maybe you aren’t quite mentally ready yet.  Maybe it just isn’t your day for that new PR.  Regardless the reason, we have to be willing to fail in order to see the rewards of success. 

That is exactly what we saw on Saturday.  We had several people step up to a heavier squat clean and jerk than they had ever lifted before.  Rachel was able to hit a new PR of 110 pounds, then get 2 more successful lifts within the 5 minutes.  Kelly warmed up to a new PR of 103 pounds before the WoD, then set out to tackle an even bigger PR of 110 during the workout.  Both of them poured out their hearts on that bar and gave it everything they had.  Unfortunately, Kelley just missed getting that lift by the slimmest of margins.  Forgive the cliche, but she was still a winner.  They were both willing to step up to an impossible bar and show a willingness to fail, in the hopes of glorious success.  Without that willingness to fail, nothing great would ever be achieved. 

 There were many inspiring performances on Saturday, but the most impressive came from those of you that attacked the impossible bar.  Maybe you won or maybe the bar did, but your ability to ignore your fears and attempt the impossible is truly motivating.