With great fashion CrossFit Fury has kicked off the 2011 CrossFit Games Season! This past Saturday our team threw down with over 20,000 other CrossFitters world wide in the first of a series of six workouts to determine which athletes advance to the next level of qualification for the CrossFit Games. I have read that this may in fact be the biggest single sporting event in history… thats pretty impressive! I cannot wait to see how events turn out over the next six weeks…

We must quickly thank all of our volunteers and judges who donate their valuable time and energy. Without all of your hard work and dedication our events would be no where near what you have helped make them. The overwhelming support from the CrossFit community is amazing and we appreciate it!

After the first workout Fury is already establishing a strong name both regionally and nationally, but this is no time to be lax. Lets be more focused then ever in these upcoming weeks with our training, nutrition and rest, lets be as strong as possible both mentally and physically.

There still seems to be a few bugs with the new Games website but lets be patient because the potential of that site is amazing. Think about it, over 20,000 people are all using it to log and compare the same results and if they are anything like myself, thats a whole lotta traffic to the site! Our team has yet to be ranked regionally for some unknown reason but I am confident we will be placed well. Also the deadline for the first workout has been extended another week and the next workout kicked back a week so there will be no Sectional Saturday next weekend which gives us more time to train.

Our man behind 99% of the amazing photos and videos of this site Bryan Treguboff is working to get us a little pr with a week 1 video showing how Saturdays go down at Fury. Nothing like letting it be known we are not training for Sectionals but training for the Games. I definitely look forward to the full video and here is a clip showing how our Saturday started. By the way we have seen some huge improvements in the running ability of the members who regularly attend track practice so if you wanna get faster, get up a little early on Saturdays!