This Saturday marks workout number two of six in the 2011 CrossFit Open! After the first week our team is ranked 6th with plenty of individual scores ranked in the top fifty of our region… not a bad start if you ask me. This weekend we are looking at a slightly longer AMRAP of Deadlifts, Pushups and Box Jumps with similarly great rankings!

The plan as usual will start at the track at 7:30am and we expect to see alot of new faces with this new paleo challenge…. Afterwards we will meet back around 9:30 at the gym for some olympic lifting and then crush another sectional workout starting at 11am. There will be great food and fun so we hope to see all of our competitors and spectators this Saturday!

Also just a heads up on something that was not clarified previously but now will be. These six workouts are also acting as our Rubber Chicken Competition. The top placing male and female after all six workouts will receive the coveted rubber chicken…