We haven’t posted on the Kids’ Program in a while, but we have certainly been busy.  The classes have been huge and the kids have been getting faster, stronger and learning new skills.  We are also working on planning our next event.  Coming up on May 14th we are going to have our second Parents’ Night Out.  This one will be very similar to the first with a few differences.  We will open the gym from 5 to 9pm for more fun, games, food and skill training.  The cost will be the same ($20 for the firstkid and $15 for any siblings) and it will also be open to any members or non-members. 

We had a great turnout and expect even more kids this time.  We are going to limit registration to 30 kids.  That is a bunch of kids, but you would be surprised how many kids we can fit into one dodgeball game.  We are advertising this so early to give everyone a chance to plan for the evening.  Sign-ups will be at the front desk in a few weeks, but keep the date free on your calendar. 

We have some other things in the works to expand our program, but we can’t quite reveal everything in one post.  Look for some more news in the next week or two.