After months of saying I was trying to eat Paleo and months of cheating everyday and definitely not including the rest of my family, I decided to sit down and read “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf.  After two chapters I was disgusted by how I was literally killing myself and my whole family by what I was feeding us.  After chapter 4  I decided, my whole family was going to go Paleo for good!

Don’t get me wrong-I know this won’t be easy especially for my kids but if it means I might save them from an early demise due to poor eating habits that they only know because of me-I’m willing to put up with the screaming and whining and making this work.  A typical day for my kids, admitting this is truly embarrassing but most of you have witnessed me running through the gym with frozen waffles and syrup anyway so here it is: my kids usually eat waffles with butter and syrup for breakfast, yogurt for snack, sandwich, chips, fruit cup and juice box for lunch, god only knows the snacks in between lunch and dinner (fruit snacks, golds fish, candy-all stuff high in sugar and gluten) and then usually dinner had been something resembling paleo-usually unless it was “pick your dinner night” and then it was always ramen noodles (I would throw some peas and carrots in to make myself feel better) or something equally terrible.  I know-someone should call CPS on me…I am the only one to blame for the tough road ahead of me.  My kids only know what I have taught them and even though it’s a little late, it’s not too late to start anew.

Again, I don’t think this will be easy-I made spaghetti squash tonight and both my kids refused to eat it before they even tried it…they did eventually eat most of it.  But for those nights and days we have no idea how to feed our kids, I have found someone to help us.  Sarah Fragoso is a fellow CrossFitter, Trainer and author of Everyday Paleo (available April 25th).  I have been following her blog and making her recipes on and off for about 6 months now and not only does she have some great recipes but she cooks for a family and tells you how to do it.  Check out her website at and pre-order her book Everyday Paleo.

After reading The Paleo Solution and following Sarah Fragoso, I am envious of the people who talk about how they feel better mentally and physically after going Paleo.  How their joints don’t hurt and they have twice the energy they used too.  How their kids have changed in ways they never thought could be caused by food-less tantrums, more sleep and all around happier kids.  I was sitting at the park reading “The Paleo Solution” and thinking how far I had come as an athlete, only to be wasting it by eating so poorly. My kids, who if you know them, produce their own sugar highs and although amazing kids (yes, I am biased) definitely have some faults which I now realize are somewhat caused by the food I have been feeding them.   My husband has done nothing but beg me to make meat and veggies for dinner because he was sick of all the frozen pizzas and sloppy joes.  Everything in my life was telling me it’s time to stop messing around and take eating as seriously as I do my work out regime.  So here I am, I am committing not only myself but my family to the next Paleo Challenge.  My husband is on board and hopefully the kids will follow (Zolie loved his paleo breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and strawberries) and if they don’t-i guess they are cooking for themselves.  As of right now, we are weeding out the bad stuff in the pantry and refrigerator and gearing up for the start of the next Paleo Challenge at Fury on April 1st .  Who will join us???