The first Parents’ Night Out was a huge success.  At no time could we get a picture with all of the kids at one time because there were so many of them.  After some late additions and great work by our personal recruiter, Chrissy Calderwood, we had a total of 20 kids.  They played their hearts out and most certaily slept hard last night.  Hopefully the parents got in some good quality time, but this was all about the kids.

We started with a HUGE obstacle course through both rooms.  We played dodge ball, Crossfit bowling, races, gymanstic skill training, and some carnival style games.  The kids also got a paleo meal with barbecue meat, fruit and veggies, eggs, nuts and some paleo brownies.

When the kids needed a break they could hang out in the kids’ room with a movie or some crafts.  We saw some awesome puppets and bracelets coming from that craft table.  I also want to say ‘thank you’ to Nichole.  She helped us with crowd control and managing some of the younger kids.  Most of the kids were starting to crash before their parents showed up, but I’m pretty sure they all had fun.  I know we did.

If you want to see more pictures from the event check out this link.