We are excited to announce the 12 new CrossFit members who have advanced from Prep to CrossFit in the last month.  For some, this was an easy decision, for others-not so much. Not because they weren’t physically ready but because they weren’t sure they could hang with the big kids (even though their trainers told them they could).  Well, they decided to give it a go and they are all kicking butt and taking names.  So, without further ado please welcome (in no particular order):  Jason Hadley, Julie Brown, Brandi Kalafat, Jen Lord, Quyhn Hoang, Kristina Garza, Julicia Singleton, Jim McNamee, Tim Valencia, Ryan Sund, Christina Casanova and Nicole Diaz.

Now for all you CrossFit newbies who might still be a little nervous, here is a great article about being new to CrossFit and how not to get overwhelmed…. please read 10 Tips for Success For The CrossFit Newbie