Sometimes in CrossFit we experience something truly disappointing or frustrating like spending 16 minutes trying to get 30 unbroken double unders to no avail.  It can be the most maddening thing in the world because it seems so simple to so many people but for one individual it seems like trying to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and our first reaction is to throw our hands up and say, “I quit”! But that would be the easy way out and would be an injustice to all that you have done to try and conquer that feat.

Whether it is in sport, in work, an experience with a friend or child, you have to dust yourself off and try again.  Don’t let the embarrassment (which is really just a vanity thing) or disappointment (which is really just a personal thing) stop you from obtaining your end goal whatever it may be-to be a Crossfitter, a better athlete, a better all around person, parent or friend. We are all doing CrossFit for the same reasons-to be better at some thing or things and even when you really suck at one, you are great at another.  Feed off what you are good at to help you overcome the thing you struggle with and you will get it just like you conquered your first workout and remember the feeling you had when you did that because when you conquer something that you have struggled with for days, weeks or even months-its like winning the freakin’ lottery and you will never forget that feeling…and the disappointment or embarrassment you felt from failing is a distant memory!