This Saturday open gym time will shut down early(11am) for the first of a potential series of olympic weightlifting clinics hosted by Coach Matt Foreman from Mountain View Highschool. We will keep you updated as to future availabilities.

That same morning there is a 5k race in Glendale starting at 9am and there is no better way to enjoy this great weather of ours (most of the time) then to take a little stroll, for time. Our usual 7:30 am track practice will be canceled for the 5k.

Seasonal Veggies

Farmers markets and their produce are usually a main topic Monday mornings in class so why not get the conversation started early for this weekends shopping and next weeks cooking. This week lets discuss making a large salad on which will last us a few days and we can eat with a variety of meats and dressings.

Fresh all natural chard is a great addition to your usual veggies. Simply rip the crisp green leaves from the stalks and use as base to your salad mix. You can also  sauté with butter and garlic then serve with lemon if your feeling frisky.

These rather tasty greens are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fiber and if you are eating them raw, that is totally paleo!

Colorful beets of many varieties can also be found this time of year. The beet itself only needs to be boiled for a few minutes and when chopped ads a sweet surprise to your salad. The leaves, like the chard above its quite tasty sauteed.

Add in some carrots, cucumbers and even radishes and you have got the mixings to make one fantastic salad. All you need now is some wild or free range meat and your meal is set! Remember our first choice for any of our food is always fresh, local and diverse, stay outta the factory!