The kids had a great time at our first annual Crossfit Fury Kids Christmas party.  We started with some functional activities.  Two teams of 4 kids had to move and recreate our snowman structures across the gym two times then 50 burpees as a team.  This was a good exercise in teamwork and functional strength.  The kids had a great time even through the burpees.

Then it was on to Dragon Tails.  This is a mixture of tag and flag football.  Mostly it is a lot of sprinting, agility and laughing.  Next we slowed things down a bit by tossing some hackeysack snowballs through the rings.  Sound familiar?  Miss and you get to do 3 burpees.  How is it that burpees and throwing a ball is so much fun?

We also went way back into our archives and did some team slalom races on scooterboards.  We ended with one of the group’s favorites: Dodgeball!.  In Crossfit Dodgeball, there is an exercise assigned to each color of ball (squats, pushups, tuck jumps, etc).  Get hit and you do 5 reps.  Have your ball caught and you have to do 10 reps.  Who doesn’t want to play dodgeball?

The kids had a ton of fun and got a great workout in at the same time.  This class is fun to teach and the kids are always willing to work hard and try anything.  We really enjoy teaching these kids and we are thankful we get to keep doing it into the new year.  We look forward to seeing all of the kids again in January.  We are off for the next week and will be back again on January 3rd.  Have a great Christmas and a healthy New Year.