On Thursday, December 23rd, we are going to have a Crossfit Kids party at the 5:30 class.  This will be the class time for ALL of the kids.  We will play some of your favorite Crossfit games, eat some great paleo treats, and have some fun playing on the equipment.  Come dressed to be active, but feel free to bring your bells and santa hat to show your christmas spirit.  We will be taking a break with no classes for the week between Christmas and New Years, so this is a chance to get in some fun and fitness before the Holidays.

For tonight’s class we put the kids through their first experience with Fight Gone Bad.  They did 3 rounds of wallball, box jumps, push press and burpees for max reps in 1 minute for each exercise.  There was also a 1 minute rest after each round.  We had a few kids over 300 total reps, but all of the kids all put out an amazing effort to keep moving on their longest WoD to date.  Afterward they took a page from the adult class and played around with some hackeysacks.