This past Saturday CrossFit Fury traveled to the dizzying heights of Flagstaff to test ourselves against approximately 100 athletes from all over this great state of ours. Our friends Lisa Ray and Cullen Young Black-Goat of CrossFit Flagstaff put on this event, which ran flawlessly from start to finish and definitely raised the bar of local affiliate competitions.

There were three workouts throughout the day which greatly tested everyones fitness. Between 185lb overhead lifts, to 15ft flying pull-ups and 36 inch box jumps it is safe to say we were faced with daunting workouts. Across the board Fury was competitive in all three workouts, we took top positions in both male and female categories.

For the ladies Brit took 1st, Aimee 3rd, Leah 4th, and Lisa finished 7th out of 34 females. In the individual workouts Brit took first in two and Leah won the third. On the mens side, I took 1st, Tj 4th, Marcus 8th, and Will finished 9th. In the individual workouts Will and Marcus both took firsts and Michael Mosely from CrossFit Now won the third. Pictured is Will after winning the floater and preparing for the final workout…

Other top finishers Matthew DiDonato, Dave Navarro, Matthew Lucas, and Amanda Butterfield are athletes who will being seeing again in the near future, these are athletes on track for the Games.

Final results can be found on CrossFit Flagstaffs website, and as always Treg Photography did an outstanding job of photography. We should all enter the next few weeks and months with increased desire and determination. Be proud of our gains and accomplishments over the past year but lets keep that ball rolling.