Sometimes getting stronger doesn’t mean lifting heavier weight for more reps, especially for kids.  Kids don’t need to fatigue a muscle in order to get stronger, instead they get stronger with higher reps and lighter loading.  That means lots of plyometrics, running and lightly loaded ressitance exercises (eg. wallball).  Today’s workout focused on this type of strength training. 

4 rounds: 15 wallballs (4#/6#), 15 box jumps (14″/20″), 15 dot drills

The kids all pushed through and finished in around 10 minutes.  It can be surprisingly tough to maintain the accuracy on dot drills when tired from box jumps and wallballs.  Of course we worked on handstands and forward rolls after to develop vestibular awareness when fatigued.  These kids show some amazing effort even after the workout.

We arealso  working on teaching them the mechanics of the primary lifts, but workouts with bodyweight movements and a focus on strict form and technique will improve their strength by establishing solid neurologic patterns.  Don’t tell that to the kids though.  They just have a ton of fun killing their workout and learning new skills.  Speaking of which, maybe you have noticed the new Crossfit Kids board.  We are working on completing a pretest with a series of skills and workouts.  We will redo this testing periodically and mark the kids’ progress. 

The kids have been having a great time setting some records and seeing their name on the board.  If you get a chance, check out their numbers.  Some of them are pretty impressive.  We hope to update this regularly as the kids all get more pullups, run faster and jump higher.