Sure you can deadlift heavy or run a fast mile time, but can you do it when disoriented?  I mean really turned around and nearly nauseous.  One of the concepts of Crossfit Kids is to include lots of rolls and flips to induce disorientation during a WoD.  The theory is that if you can complete 10 box jumps when you are dizzy, then completing them when you aren’t dizzy is really easy.  Our version of this was a 5 round workout with 10 ring rows, 10 box jumps and 5 forward rolls. 

The kids found it pretty tough to get up from 5 quick forward rolls and get right back into ring rows.  The kids class worked on freestanding handstands, with assistance, then a forward roll out.  They will start adding in forward rolls to their workouts soon too.  In the Advanced Kids class we always follow the workout with a short bit of work on a gymnastic skill.  Again, if you can do it when under metabolic stress then it is easy any other time.  Today it was plank holds with feet elevated.  Remember, this was after a workout.  Our longest hold was 60 seconds by Ryan.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t gone for a swing on one of our ropes, you are totally missing out on the most fun you can have at our gym.  Set up a box to jump from, let out your best Tarzan yell and throw caution to the wind.