Not only are we working on building fitter and more capable kids, but we are also in the business of making smarter kids.  Several studies have come out recently that are showing the direct link between fitness and brain power.  One study used treadmill tests and MRIs to discover that the fitter kids had larger areas of the brain in charge of  coordinating actions and thoughts crisply. 

A second study found an increase in the size of the Hippocampus.  This is the area in responsible for complex memory (i.e. multiplication tables).  A Sweedish study linked levels of aerobic fitness to a higher I.Q.  While there was no link between I.Q. and strength, the general concensus is that aerobic exersice improved protien production that stimulated the brain. 

Getting our kids physicall active has definite positive impact on their cognitive development and general mental capabilities.  We have even heard of some Crossfit Kids classes setting up a study hour after their kids’ classes to take advantage of the 30-45 minute window of time where thos protiens are most active.  We may not start homework time at the gym yet, but all of this is just one more reason to get your kids into a Crossfit class, or any other sport.  Fitness is hugely important.

On another note…  There will be some changes coming to the Kids’ schedule starting in the next week or two.  First, next Saturday’s classes are cancelled due to the Gym’s involvement in the Goodyear In Action day at Goodyear Park.  We encourage you to bring your kids out for a fun run around the park at 9am and a demo kids WoD afterward.  We would love to have some of our kids come out and show eveyone what you are all capable of. 

In addition, our schdeule of classes and age groupings will also change.  Look for the changes to be announced in the next week and feel free to ask any questions.  We are trying to meet the needs of the kids at Fury as well as we can.  Hopefully the upcoming changes help us to do that.