The Affiliate Training Season has started. Fury is committed to a stronger presence next year at the Games. If you have the desire to be apart of this, speak with us in person.

To start this training, last Friday Fury sent a team to compete at a Military/CrossFit Challenge at Luke AFB. Josh, Will, BrianV, and Marcus were our competitors and they were up against 24 other teams from within the military and CrossFit affiliates from around the valley.

The event was one long drawn out series of events with total time showing the winner. It started with the team spliting equally between them 100 pull-ups, 160 power snatches, 200 box jumps, 4000m row, 200 situps and 160 wall balls.

After all the members finished their portion of the wallballs, the athletes ran 200m to a parked Hummer where they then had to push it roughly 50m. By this time Fury had been on the clock for about 17 minutes with only two events left.

The last two events were 25 bupees-10m tire flip-25 burpees and then a 10m wade through a pool with two 1.5pd kettle bells. Fury was the fifth team to start the workout and finished in 37 minutes and 58 seconds. For the remainder of the day no other team was able to break 40 minutes besides one, CrossFit Scottsdale who had a time of 37:40 and took home the win.

What you take away from events like this far outweigh the actual event. You can bet everyone of these fellas are stronger and will be better competitors from this event. So lets give it up to our bomb squad and the real ones for all their hard work!