It is interesting to learn what these kids think is fun.  We expect them to love the rope swings, ring play and the games, but sometimes we are truly surprised when the kids end a workout and say, “That was fun!”  Today we learned that rowing a 500m sprint falls into that category.  We started with some warm up drills, weaving in and out of the cones with bear walks, sprints and lateral steps.  Then we taught them how to use the rower.  They listened well and made all of the corrections we suggested.  Finally, it was off on a first try at a 500m sprint. 

We actually had them pace themselves to avoid a crash and burn.  All of the kids stuck it out through the full distance and they all said that it was fun.  I don’t think I ever thought 500m was a good time, but they loved it.  We ended with “animal walk” tag.  Bear walks, frog hops, aligator walks and crab walks made tag a bit tougher and more active. 

The next time we have to do 4x500m rows, just remember it is four times the fun.