Team workouts can add a whole new level of intensity and competition.  Today, we split up the kids into boys versus girls and gave the teams a task to complete.  Both teams had a structure made of bumpers, bars, boxes, kettlebells, med balls and abmats.  They had to work together as a team to move and recreate the structure at one station, then move it and rebuild it again at the final station.  After the final rebuild was approved by the judge, the team had to complete 100 squats with only one person working at a time. 

The girls had a steady lead the whole way, but the boys managed to spread out their squats better and flew through 100 easily.  It was great to see the teamwork, work output and problem solving.  To end the day on teamwork, they raced through leap frog a couple of times.  Fitness can be accomplished in lots of different ways, but the intensity is always there.

At the end of class everyone wanted to stay.  So we pulled out a rope, the rings and set up the jumping pullup bars and taught the kids climbs, skin the cats, kipping and ring supports.  This really is just a big playground.