School is about to start again and there a ton of things to do to get ready.  There are backpacks to buy and fill, new teachers to meet, schedules to figure out, and… lunches to pack.  We all know how hard it is to get your kids to eat healthy meals and snacks at home.  They are innundated with marketing and products that look and taste great, but are void of any nutrition.  Then put them in school around their peers with those same treats (cheetos, chocolate milk, candy and lunchables) and it is even harder to keep them eating well. 

If your child is eating the school lunch, forget about it.  It is pretty well documented in any number of articles and covert teacher blog posts (like this one) that the food offered in cafeteria lunches is the direct opposite of nutritious.  They are mass produced, carbohydrate focused, and loaded with sugar with nearly nothing that appears in nature.  So what are parents to do with this nutrition battle?

Teach your kids.  At the bottom of this page is the simple nutrition explanation from Crossfit Kids that is designed so that parents can teach their kids what healthy foods really are.  Keep it simple.  Eat meat every meal (if it walks, swims, flies, or crawls its protien), veggies or fruit and some nuts.  Pack their lunches like this, or teach them to make the best choices possible in the lunch line.  It will take some time, and they won’t always make the right choices, but with some regular guidance, they will be much more healthy and have a much better second half of the day if they get the right kind of lunch.