This Saturday, we put both the preschoolers and the elementary kids on the rowers and gave them an intro to rowing technique.  Just like so many other things, they picked it up quickly and will be rowing in workouts in no time.  The Preschoolers also got to work on an AMRAP workout of 5 box jumps, 20 feet of lunge steps and a 20 foot sprint.  When finished, they played on the rope and showed that they can climb ropes with the best of us.

The Elementary kids started with a 2 round warm-up with lateral hops over a 5 lb plate and pushups.  They are starting to show more coordination with these fast, lateral movements.  Their workout was 3 rounds of 20 box jumps and a 40 foot bear crawl.  The adults don’t do it often, but try putting a bear crawl into a workout some time and you will see just how draining it really is.  These kids all put out a great effort and worked hard. 

They ended with Tunnel Tag.  This is a lot like freeze tag, but requires a crawl under the legs to ‘un-freeze’ someone.  These games often get to be more of a metcon workout than the WoD itself.  It can be more fun too.  If you have a chance, come a little early on a Saturday morning and watch the older kids finishing with their game.  You will learn to appreciate how fun this fitness thing can be.