What are you capable of?  Can you climb a rope, run a 5K, lift twice your body weight off the floor?  Does attempting any of these things scare you?  At the moment before you try something new, we all have that twinge of hesitation.  As adults, we have to learn to get over that and just try it.  Kids don’t know to have that fear.  Everything is new to them, so they just jump in and tackle it head on. 

Sometimes, that means doing something that seems a bit silly, but Crossfit can even make Duck, Duck Goose cool (when you have a 5 pushup penalty).  We are working on teaching them the clean, and they don’t hesitate, they just start trying it.  They also threw themselves at a team workout of jumping pullups and lunge steps.  No complaints, no whinning, just work output.

For these kids, the potential is endless.  The world is at their fingertips, they just have to jump in and take it.