For the next couple of posts we are going to be featuring some of the pictures from our archives.  This is a chance to see some of the pictures we didn’t get to show you the first time around, but mostly it is a way to cover for our camera being out for repairs.

In the next few months, Crossfit Fury is going to start showing up in some more places, and the Kids Classes get to be a big part of that. 

We are going to be hosting a “Goodyear In Action” event on August 14th during our kids classes.  This will be an opportunity to expose a bunch of new kids the the fun of a Crossfit workout.  All of the kids involved can gather stamps at each of the events around goodyear this fall to earn prizes.  Our classes on the 14th will be one of those stops.  

September 25th will also be a Goodyear In Action day with another kids fun run.  We will be running the warm up as well as a 15-20 minute demo of a kids class.   Info on all of this is available at this site.  Because of all of this, we won’t have class at the gym on September 25th and class on August 14th will be free for all kids.  That means it is a great time to bring your own Fury kids and let them try it out. 

All of this and we have also changed the price structure of the kids classes.  The punch cards (without the actual card) are now $56 for members and $70 for non-members.  This means you get one free class when you buy the punch card.

Look for the Fury listing in the “In Focus Magazine” that comes in your mail.  Won’t it be cool when you can say, in 5 years, that you were at Fury before they were the biggest gym in the West Valley.