This Saturday we had visitors from the Goodyear In Action group.  These kids are attending different events each Saturday, leading up to a fun run on September 25th.  We had our turn this weekend.  It was a great turnout from both Fury kids and kids that had never heard of Crossfit before.  There were also a lot of parents that got to see how much fun kids can have exercising.

The preschoolers played on a huge obstacle course.  There were ring swings, box jumps, a trampoline, tunnel, balance beam, agility ladder, and more.  11 kids crawled, jumped and swung through a workout.  After that, they played Duck, Duck, Goose: crossfit style.  If you got caught: jumping jacks in the circle.  If you got away: the chaser had to do jumping jacks.  Everyone got a turn and had a blast.

The Elementary kids warmed up with animal walks, then learned how to do squats, pushups, lunge steps and burpees.  We then sprinkled these into a run through the parking lot.  We shaved off a little of the workout to make sure everyone had time for Crossfit Dodgeball.  In this version, getting hit means 3 burpees and having your ball caught means 6 burpees.  There were lots of burpees and tons of fun.

If you get a chance, check out this album for some great pictures of the kids playing and having fun.  Watch for more info on the Goodyear In Action event in September.  We will be running the warm-up and a short WoD for the kids.  It should be fun to show some new kids the joy of burpees and squats. 

Here are some more pictures from Saturday.  Don’t you wish you could have done this stuff when you were a kid?