Over the month August roughly half a billion (yep thats a B) eggs have been recalled due to potential salmonella poisoning. Salmonella is a infectious bacteria that can be fatal to the young, elderly or sick persons that is most commonly introduced to individuals through their diet.
The Paleo Diet or Paleo Lifestyle as we refer to it changes the quality of food you eat, away from processed wheat and corn based food to more wild plants and animals, and we often do a pretty good job except for the wild part.

Farming  over the past few decades has changed drastically and become extremely competitive. When margins are tight sacrifices must be made, unfortunately its often the animals health.

This most recent recall can help remind us that we are in charge of our lives and we can chose where our food comes from. Small changes you make today weather its buying your eggs locally or choosing the wild caught fish at the market can have big effects in the future. Others will follow our decision and many already have.

Ironically the eggs from both the pictures above would probably have “Sun” and “Cage Free” somewhere on the carton… Luckily change is on the horizon, we are not the only ones who concern them selves with what we are eating but also where it is coming from, I mean its what your eating you should know a little something about it?

Support your local farmers, visit farmers markets, and heck try growing something at home, who knows what it could do for your health!