Summer time means a couple of things.  First, nothing feels better after a tough workout than throwing around some water balloons and cooling off with water.  The older kids worked hard on their team WoD.  They rotated through stations of running, kettlebell swings and jumping pullups. We lost count, but it was still a great workout.  Afterward, they were exhausted and needed to cool off with some water play.

The preschoolers played kickball with squats, pushups and tuck jumps at the bases and ended with a leap frog game.  In this game they ‘frog-hop’ raced to the right color and the winner got to decide what exercise the loser had to do.  They kept picking burpees for each other, making me think they must love burpees.

The other thing that comes with Summer time is vacations.  Josh and Aubri will be out the next two saturdays at the 2010 Games, and on a camping trip.  We will still have the Thursday classes, but there will be no classes on Saturday the 17th or 24th.  Don’t worry, though, I’ll still post something you can do at home with Mom and Dad.  They could always use an extra workout.

Also, remember that all of the pictures we use, and a ton more that we don’t use, are stored on this site.  We add to them after each class, so you can look at the end of the current month to see the latest pictures.