Fear is not an option for these kids.  The preschoolers are learning to overcome whatever obstacles we put in their way.  Boxes, hurdles, rope swings, they conquer it all.  Some of the 4-year-olds even managed a 14″ box jump.  That is a third to 1/2 of their body height.  They also worked on Crossfit “Red Light, Green Light.”  It isn’t easy to get preschoolers to all follow directions when sprinting, but they started to get the hang of it with practice.

The Elementary kids practiced their jump rope with each person working on their area of need.  Some were trying to get their first set of 2 or 3 in a row while others were trying to get to 30 consecutive.  Then the wod: 3 rds for total reps at 30 seconds each of situps, push press, pushups, box jumps.

The kids all pushed hard and showed great form on the push press and improving midline stability on then pushups and situps.  Both groups ended with “Not in my backyard.”  Basically, this is a game where teams try to get all of the medicine balls to the other team’s side of the line.  It ends up being a mad rush of sprinting and heavy lifting.  It was a ton of fun, hiding a lot of functional fitness.