It was a late night and a long drive home, but I am finally getting a chance to post on the final day of the 2010 Games, and a crazy day it was.  Everyone got a bit nervous when the first workout posted as 7 rounds of 3 cleans @ 205 and 4 ring handstand pushups.  Everyone except Peter, who has been working on the rings religiously.  He had a plan, and knew exactly how to manage this new challenge.  Lots of guys struggled and fell off the rings, but Peter just kept cranking them out and hit a time of 8:14 for 10th place. 

The next workout was something entirely new, again.  The athletes were all isolated and brought out in heats of 6 with no prior notice of the WoD.  When the heat was lined up and ready Dave Castro quickly told them the workout and said 3 2 1..go!  they had 7 minutes to complete 3 rounds of 30 pushups, scale the high wall, 21 overhead squats @95 lbs, scale the wall back.  When 7 minutes was up, they were immediately given the next workout and 3 2 1…go!  This one was a 7 minute cap on 30 toes to bar and 21 ground to overhead anyhow @95 pounds. 

Again, immediately after the 7 minutes, they were told the next wod and 3 2 1 go!  The last wod was3 rounds of 5 burpee wall scales and 3 rope climbs with a 12 minute cap.  The first two wods were set up to make them impossible to finish just to test the athletes ability to tackle the impossible.  The final wod was a test of grit and will.  Rope climbs after that mental and physical barrage was just mean, and especially hard on the grip after toes to bar.  Only one athlete finished any of the first 2 wods (Rich Froning finished the pushup/OHS wod) and only 4 finished the rope climb wod. 

Peter was the fourth at a time of 11:34.  That was an impressive feat, considering the chest cold that hit him hard Sunday morning.  This last series of 3 separate workouts were a chaotic, but effective, method to test the training of the fittest athletes.  Not everyone was prepared for any unknown challenge, but Peter showed amazing fitness and was able to conquer a couple of prior weaknesses. 

When the dust settled, Peter came in 10th place among a field of the 45 fittest men from around the world.  The final standings can be viewed here. All of our pictures can also be viewed in this album online.  It was an amazing weekend full of impressive performances.  Whether it was watching a 50+ masters male competitor pull a 490 deadlift, Iceland Annie and Kristen Clever go at each other, or the teams push through an obstacle course worthy of BUD/S camp, everyone in Carson put out an amazing effort in a pretty cool venue.  2011 will come along in no time, and I’m sure Peter will be getting all of us ready for the next season of games challenges.  You can rest assured, we will all be working on more pistols, heavy lifts, ring work, and maybe some surprise wods.  Nobody can ever say that Crossfit is boring.