What a crazy day for the individual athletes.  It started with “Pyramid Double Helen” with Peter’s heat at about 11am in the heat of the sun.  They WoD was 1200m run, 63 kettlebell swings @53lbs, 36 pullups; 800m run, 42 swings, 24 pullups; 400m 21 swings, 12 pullups.  This was a tough workout with a lot of great times, but Peter put up a third place finish with a time of 17:34. 

As the athlete crossed the finish line from this WoD, the clock started on the next WoD.  They had 90 seconds to get a 1RM of shoulder to overhead.  The goal was to be strong when short of breath.  Unfortunately, a miscalculation left Peter with a 1RM of less weight than he was capable of, but time had expired before he could get in another rep.  This dropped him in the standings to 11th.  Not insurmountable, but tough.

Next came a triplet AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).  They had 7 minutes to compelte as many rounds of 7 deadlifts @ 315, (sprint across the stadium) 14 pistols, 21 double unders (sprint back).  Peter got just over four rounds and got a 27th place finish.  We all have our weaknesses, and the Games planners are good at making sure they never go unnoticed.  But Peter still put up a great effort and stayed in the middle of the pack on this workout.

The last workout of the evening was a crazy task oriented exercise.  They had to scale the wall on one side of the arena, retrieve 600lbs of sandbags from the strewn up the arena stairs, run them down to their wheelbarrow, across the arena, up over the opposite wall, and hike them up to the landing on the opposite side.  This was like the 2009 sandbag hill run with a ton more weight and some technical components.  A lot of the guys faltered with the wheelbarrow and on getting the bags up the stairs, but Peter put up a solid 18:17 for 9th place.

It was a long day with lots of ups and downs, literally.  Peter is putting up a solideffort and staying strong with a current overall standing at 14th place.  We know of at least one more workout tomorrow at 8am, but there will likely be another in the early afternoon.  We’ll keep you posted at the end of tomorrow.  Until then, you can check out more pictures from today’s action as pictures were added to this album.