The day started with the Master’s competition and Affiliate competition during the day, then the individuals learned about their first workout at 6pm.  The heats started at 7, but Peter’s heat didn’t start until about 9:30.  The workout was a couplet of muscle-ups and squat snatches at 135 pounds at 9-7-5 (9 muscle-ups, 9 snatches, 7 muscle ups…etc).  This was a quick workout with the fastet time before Peter’s heat at 3:45.

When Peter’s heat started, eveyone stayed pretty close and Peter kept a good pace with small breaks and big sets.  He finished strong with a time of 4:04.  That puts him in 6th place out of 45 man.  That is a great spot to be sitting in for tomorrow.  He will learn about the next workout tomorrow morning at 7 and heats start at 8.
We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I’m sure Peter will be prepared. 
I almost forgot.  The extra pictures taken yesterday, and whatever we take today, will be posted on this site