We all have our own style with a squat.  Anthony’s looks remarkably like Michael Jackson’s werewolf dance from Thriller.  Eventually, he did progress to a squat with a little less flair and a little more function.  The little ones worked through the Three Ring Circus with work on squats, tuck jumps, and shoulder presses with lunge steps, skipping and log rolling between rings.

The older kids worked on learning the Sumo Deadlift high Pull.  The did a great job of figuring out the deadlift and adding in the high pull.  Their form is improving and their body awareness is getting better as we give them cues.  Then they did Lil’ Angie with 25 reps of pullups, pushups, situps and squats.  Walker did 50 of each and put up a great effort.  We ended with rope climbs and progressions to improve core and grip strength.

By the way, don’t miss Saturday.  After the workout we will have some fun with the big tires.