aka post wod… you have like 30 to 60 minutes to optimally refuel and repair before your next training session, what do you eat?

We are going to keep this short and to the point because fine tuning is an individual approach based on individual factors… but here is a summary-

To REFUEL you want some dense carbohydrates-think some of the sweeter fruits that are not normally part of your diet. Bananas, applesauce, yams and even midjul dates are great, easy to eat choices. Quantity will vary based on your goals, difficulty of workout and other factors.

To REPAIR you need some quality protein, usually about half of a full meal. You are not trying to stuff your face or binge (most often it will be difficult to eat after intense training), but just give your body the nutrition it needs to be its best.

Personally I will usually eat 1-2 cups of applesauce, a whole cooked and lightly buttered(butter fits in the paleo athletes diet) yam, or maybe a banana or midjul dates. This is when I am looking for some easy to eat fuel, and a small amount (2-4oz) of meat or canned fish.

If you are trying to lean out,  you will want to focus more on repairing your muscle and using your stored energy for fuel.

Time of day of your workout plays an important role in your post WOD meal. If you workout really early or really late in the day that will affect what you eat and how much, if your workout is any mid day time, use the above advice.

Using this easy and natural approach to recovery we have found great results that only solidified great eating habits.