The kids classes have been booming at Fury lately!  It is great to see so many kids having fun with fitness.  We are definitely starting to see progress with these kids movements and coordination.  The preschoolers worked on tire jumps and even included them in their WoD, along with an agility ladder, tunnel crawl and belly crawl.  It was pretty cool to watch some 4-year-olds box jumping onto the big tires.

The older kids reviewed the Push Press, then did a team workout with burpee broad jumps while the team member was cranking out push presses.  The team with the most total reps won.  All of the teams was near or over 100 total reps in 4 minutes.  The warm up and cool down were agility based, and these kids are getting pretty coordinated.

The Wednesday class has been a huge hit with 10 preschoolers this week.  In case you didn’t know, teaching a class with 10 preschoolers is a lot like trying to herd cats.  Nevertheless, the kids had fun and a lot of them are starting off on the right foot toward great fitness.