When you need a quick workout, Fran never fails to deliver.  We are still working on getting the kid’s form and midline stability established, but they worked through PVC Fran.  We used a PVC pipe for thrusters and they all did jumping pullups.  The kids each did it in 4 minutes or less.

The Preschoolers worked on their gymnastic skills.  They are getting comfortable being upside down, then forward rolling out of it.  Their workout included 2 forward rolls, 3 squats, bunny hopping and 3 toes to rings.  They both did toes to rings without any help.

Of course we ended with a game.  Both groups played ‘Dragon Tails.’  This is tag, except the ‘IT’ person had to get the tail attached to all of the other kids.  Nothing says kids fitness like running around chasing each other.