The preschool kids showed off some gymnastic skills with forward rolls in their warm up and ‘skin the cats’ on the rings in their workout.  Their workout was 3 rounds of 3 squats, inchworms, 3 skin the cats, log rolls and 3 burpees.  No matter what we throw at these kids, they work hard and have fun the whole time.

The elementary kids got to learn the joys of wallball and box jumps.

They all did an excellent job managing the 6 lb balls that are almost as big as they are.

After a warm up of wallball and box jumps, they did an AMRAP: 75m sprint, 5 dot drills, 10 situps.  Some of the kids got 10 rounds in 7 minutes.  Awesome work!

They ended with some tire work.  2 rounds of team rolling and 10 tire jumps.  We didn’t keep score, but they had fun getting dirty and pushing heavy tires.

Unfortunately we forgot to tell the families there today that there will be no Crossfit kids class next Saturday.  The MacDonalds are headed to an Olympic Lifting Cert in Flagstaff.  We will have class on Thursday, and you check in here for a WoD to do on Saturday.