With the weather getting hotter, we ended with some water balloon play to cool down.

But first, the preschoolers worked on their squat form and lunge steps.  Then they played “Save the Puppies.”  This is an obstacle course with an agility ladder, box jumps and a medicine ball (a.k.a. puppies) carry.  Their water play was ‘Hot Potato’ with a timed water balloon holder.  We worked on playing catch and throwing accurately.

The Elementary kids worked on a ‘Fight Gone Bad’ style workout with 30 second rounds of 10lb deadlift, 10-inch box jumps, pushups, shoulder presses and a rest cycle.  After 3 rounds their score was added up and the kids could see that they each approached nearly 200 reps.  They ended with a similar hot potato game, but with a shoulder press each time they got the ball.  This made sure they got a full cool down.

With a summer full of hot weather, you can be sure we will do more water play in our workouts and games in the weeks ahead.