Hard work can be a lot of fun, if you let yourself enjoy it.  The kids just keep working hard every time and keep enjoying themselves in the process.  The kids on Thursday did awesome with a 3 round WoD of a run, 5 shoulder presses, 5 push presses and 5 burpees.  We keep the load light to work on mechanics for a long time before worrying about strength.  For kids, strength comes with light repetition.  That means the 3 or 5 lb weights are plenty for them.  They still push hard.  Everyone took a short rest, then hit the firehose team racing for some fun.  One person ran the hose out and the other pulled it back in.  How do you chose jobs?  Rock, Paper Scissors, of course.

And who doesn’t love playing with a jump rope?

Today, the preschoolers had fun with an obstacle course that included box jumps, hurdles, a tunnel and dynamic hopping.  They have no idea how much fitness is crammed into these games.

The elementary did a great job learning the Sumo Deadlift High Pull for a 21-15-9 of SDHP, Jumping pullups and lateral hops.  They ended with leap frog.  Of course the losers had to do 3 burpees, but what is a crossfit game without some burpees?

Yeah Burpees!