Kids have a limitless world in front of them with endless new experiences waiting for them.  Whether it is preschoolers learning situps for the first time, or a grade school kid learning how to climb a rope, kids are in a constant state of trying new things.  It is great to see their willingness with all of these new movements and activities.  They throw themselves at pullups, ropes, rings and handstands without fear.  No one told them that being upside down is scary, or that climbing a rope is hard.  They just jump in and try.  They will undoubtely fail occasionally, and need help with most of this stuff, but they rarely hesitate to jump in and try. 

These next two workouts will be an attempt to get the parents to show that same willingness and try some things the kids do often in their workouts.  This won’t be anthing dangerous, but if you aren’t careful, you might just have fun with a new body movement.


Warm-up: Lunge steps from the top of your driveway to the bottom.  At the top, to 10 pushups and at the bottom, 10 squats.  Complete 3 full trips.  Then spend time working on jumping jacks to get the coordination right.

WoD: Set up 2 place markers 50 feet apart.  One is for 10 jumping jacks and the other is for 3 spins in place.  For 8 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible.  1 round is 10 jumping jacks, bear crawl to other marker, 3 spins, bear crawl back.  You need to get good at maintaining balance and controlling your body under stress.  Have fun!


Warm-up: Practice lateral hops over a line in the sidewalk.  Start with one hop, then try to do 3 consecutive.  Add to it as possible.

WoD: Similar to the elementary workout, except do 5 tuck jumps instead of jumping jacks and move your markers to 30 feet apart.

Under the category of trying new things, we found a cirque training facility in San Diego called Flip Force.  We went to open gym time and learned to do some pretty cool stuff.  We worked on the “silks” (pictured here), giant trampolines, and the long trampoline for vaulting and flips.  It was a great workout and a ton of fun.  We are headed back on Saturday to watch the kids class and learn more cirque and parkour skills.