CrossFit Fury is going to the Games 2010! After a great weekend competing at UC Irvine we have secured an individual competitors spot by taking first overall! Also we POSSIBLY have a Masters spot secured, we will know for sure when all of the regionals are complete.

You can find all the results of the workouts this weekend at and you can find video of the entire weekend at This workout pictured is in the archives under Saturday 15:44-16:44.

Big thanks to all the members and supporters for CrossFit Fury that came out this weekend or simply showed their support! Your motivation and encouragement makes a huge difference.


So the weekend started on Friday with Laurie in the Masters Competition at CrossFit Ethos. It is absolutely amazing how fit these men and women were! All I can say is fifty is no where near over the hill if you have some good food and good exercise… These WERE the most inspiring athletes of the weekend with out a doubt!

This is the first year for a Masters Division and scoring is slightly different then individual competitors. At every regional there is a Masters competition doing the same pre determined workout. There will be 15 male and female Masters who advance in total. With half the regionals done, our Laurie is sitting in 13th place!

We should know within a week or two whether or not she will be competing in the Home Depot Center in July!

Bomb Squad

It is amazing to see how far we have come over the last year and a half as a gym! 2008 we did not exist and therefore no affiliate team. 2009 we were in our early days and our team composed only four people and three of whom were owners. 2010 at a year and a half old we had to host a competition within our own gym to find the top six athletes to represent us.

Those top six, our Bomb Squad held their ground in the toughest region in CrossFit. Overall we finished in 20th place against gyms who have been in business longer then we ALL have been doing CrossFit. We have an entire year ladies and gentlemen, lets make a name next year!

Get your rest team members and competitors, your hard work and dedication is truly appreciated and respected. Tuesday is back to normal with Carson California for July in mind. Lets be focused and train smart.

Pictures, videos and hopefully some play from are all coming soon. See you in the gym tomorrow!